25 Stunning Africa Instagram Spots to Fuel Your Wanderlust!

25 Stunning Africa Instagram Spots

It’s a whole thing now isn’t it, travelling for Instagram!

Yup the social media that has inspired our wanderlust more than any other, is now causing more and more of us to hunt down those spots that have the WOW factor – a wow that we can *snap* and share!

Ha ha ha!

But if you’re bored of the Paris pictures, the Santorini shots and Cambodia captures, then I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Africa, perhaps the most off the beaten track travel continent, is just brimming with insta-worthy amazingness and, best of all, hardly anyone knows about it.

So, if making your friends super jealous is the aim of the game, why not head somewhere a bit different and try these 25 stunning spots for the best Africa Instagram shots… EVER!

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#1 Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa, Cape Town, Bo Kaap & Car

Perhaps the most beautiful city in Africa, it’s no wonder I’m kicking off this list with Cape Town.

With the meeting of 2 oceans and Table Mountain springing up in the background, it’s hard to beat this urban beauty of an Instagram spot.

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#2 Drakensberg, South Africa

South Africa, Drakensberg, Sunset

South Africa’s most famous mountain landscape, the Drakensberg are definitely one of the best Africa Instagram spots.

Grab your tent, your hiking boots, your camera and get out there!

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#3 Sossusvlei, Namibia

Namibia, Sossusvlei, Me

Amazing desertscapes await you at this huge salt and clay pan which sits amidst towering red dunes in the South of Namibia.

While it remains one of the countries most visited locations, the vastness of this arid landscape will really make you feel like you have the place to yourself.

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#1 Lightweight, Camera – I love my mirrorless Sony A6000. Light, compact, robust it’s perfect for Africa travels.

#2 Zoom Lens – Especially important for safari shots, my Sony E 55-210mm did a great job.

#3 Gorilla Tripod – The Gorillapod is the tripod you can take anywhere. This light, small and hugely versatile piece of travel kit is a most for Africa.

#4 Spare Battery – You never want to run of battery in Africa, ever!

#5 Large, Fast SD Memory Cards – Taking multiple memory cards with you to Africa is a must; the larger and the faster the better! Top notch memory cards will stop you having to delete pics, swap cards, or miss shots as fast-action processing for wildlife in particular is required.


#4 Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Mozambique, Bazaruto, Me
Me Loving Mozambique!

Indian Ocean paradise awaits you at Mozambique’s stunning coastline.

From diving with whale sharks to star gazing from your beachside camp, this beautifully carved bay shows off the African coastline at its best.

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#5 Chobe River National Park, Botswana

Botswana, Chobe National Park, River Cruise

Less famous than neighbouring Okavango Delta National Park, Botswana’s Chobe River National Park nevertheless provides some stellar sunset water shots, with wildlife galore and half the people!

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#6 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Absolute Africa, Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls Selfie

One of the 7 natural wonders of the world, it’s a no-brainer that Vic Falls makes it onto my list of the most instagrammable spots in Africa.

Straddling 2 countries, you can choose to visit this huge spectacle from either Zambia or Zimbabwe, but personally, I feel the later provides the best lookouts!

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#7 Spitzoppe, Namibia

Africa, Namibia, Me at Spitzkoppe

Out in the heart of this desert country, Spitzkoppe is an incredible landscape full of epic rock formations that reflect the light of sunrise and sunset like nothing else!

Camp here, under the stars and you’ll get the chance for some epic long exposure, Milky Way, starscapes too!

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#8 South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Absolute Africa, Zambia, Leopard

My favourite park in Southern Africa – yes even beating those iconic ones like Kruger – South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is a treat for you and your camera!

As you spot big cats on safari drives and big elephants in your campground, venturing here is an experience you’ll never forget!

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#9 Stone Town, Zanzibar

Zanzibar, Stone Town, Jaws Corner Flags

I fell in love with Stone Town, the capital of the island of Zanzibar, from the moment I arrived here.

Like stepping into a lost world, the windy narrow streets, ancient wooden doorways and crumbling buildings feel utterly magical and certainly provided some of the best Africa Instagram shots I have!

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#10 Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Tanzania, Ngorongoro Crater, Hippo

Standing at the top of the Ngorongoro Crater and peering down into the enormous bowl in the earth’s surface below was enough to make one of my travel companions cry!

And that’s before we even got down into the crater to see the amazing wealth of wildlife there!

Have I convinced you yet?

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#11 Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

Uganda, Bwindi, Gorilla Eating

One word for you here people, gorillas!

Perhaps the ultimate Africa Instagram location when it comes to making your friends jealous!

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#12 Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Kenya, Lake Naivasha, Trees

Not the grandest of Kenya’s National Parks, but a sunset cruise on this lake, and the amazing colours it reflected, captured my heart and that of my camera.

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#13 Masai Mara, Kenya

Kenya, Masai Mara, Lioness

Ok, so this one definitely gets my award for the best safari in Africa!

You name it, the Masai Mara’s got it!

Big 5 = check

Stunning Landscape = check

Unique Culture = check

Africa Instagram Shots to Die For = check


#14 Diani Beach, Kenya

Kenya, Diani Beach, Sandy Shadows

Kenya is hogging the limelight a bit here, but I couldn’t go past this country without mentioning Diani Beach.

If you’re looking for quintessential coastline, with the turquoise Indian Ocean, fine white sand and the odd tropical palm tree thrown in, Diani’s your bag!

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#15 Lalibela, Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Lalibela, Old Man

Hold onto your hats people, we’ve reached Ethiopia and things are about to get even more magnificent!

Coming in first is the town of Lalibela with its UNESCO rock-hewn churches and fascinating religious practices that have continued, uninterrupted to this day, for over 1500 years.

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#16 Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Omo Valley, Daasanach Girl

Totally different from Lalibela and perfectly showcasing just how diverse and different Ethiopia is, the Omo Valley region in the country’s south gave me some of the best portraits I’ve captured, ever, full stop!

Filled with indigenous communities living very traditional lifestyles, this part of Ethiopia provides a cultural insight like never before.

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#17 Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Simien Mountains, Gelada Monkey

One of 9 UNESCO-listed sites in Ethiopia (yes the most of any African country currently), the Simien Mountains in the northern highlands provide extraordinary hiking opportunities and of course, views to die for.

Capturing them will undoubtedly produce some of the best African Instagram shots ever.

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#18 Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Danakil Depression, Lake Asale Landscape

What can you say about a landscape that contains both volcanoes and salt lakes, desolate deserts and smouldering sulphur lakes?

Yes Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression – the hottest, driest place on earth – defies description.

It is mesmerising, unbelievable, spellbinding, scary and epic all at once.

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#19 Karima, Sudan

Sudan, Karima, Pyramids at Sunset

Who knew Sudan was so full of ancient treasures?

I know right!

But if you want to see 3,000 year old pyramids without the crowds, lying semi-forgotten in the midst of the desert AND meet the friendliest people on earth, get Sudan on your Africa Instagram list now!

Check Out the Amazing Place I Stayed at in Karima, Sudan here.


#20 Chefchouen, Morocco

Morocco, Chefchaouen, Me in Doorway

The blue city of Morocco has wowed travellers for years and with its stunning streets, creaking doorways and mountain backdrop, it’s easy to see why.

There’s a load of great things to do in its UNESCO-listed medina, but it’s sometimes hard to beat sipping on a traditional mint tea outside a cafe in the sunshine enjoying some people-watching and chilling out!


#21 Okavango Delta, Botswana

Botswana, Okavango Delta, Sunset Polers

When it comes to the ultimate wow factor for African Instagram shots, it’s hard to look past Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

As you paddle out in traditional mokoro canoes, the vastness of this wild and remote landscape takes hold!

And that’s without spotting the wildife up close and personal – honestly, you can’t fail to squeak with delight… and fumble for your camera asap!

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#22 Luxor, Egypt

Egypt, Luxor, Karnak Temple Forest of Pillars

From the massive Karnak Temple to the enormity of the Valley of the Kings, this ancient city is a non-stop Kodak destination, with the illumination of Luxor Temple at night probably the jewel in the crown.

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#23 Giza, Egypt

Egypt, Cairo, Pyramid Selfie

5,000 year old pyramids jutting out from the Sahara, need I say more?!

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#24 Kokrobite, Ghana

Ghana, Kokrobite, Beach

With some of the most beautiful coastline in West Africa, Ghana’s Kokrobite is about as picturesque as it gets with its traditional sea fishing vessels and the whitest of white sands.


#25 Lac Rose, Senegal

Just 30km north of the country’s capital, Lac Rose in Senegal (literally pink lake) is as vivid and otherworldly as the name suggests!




So have my 25 most instagrammable spots in Africa inspired you yet?

Which is your favourite on the list?


2 thoughts on “25 Stunning Africa Instagram Spots to Fuel Your Wanderlust!

  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Cape Town Steph! Love it 😉 Friends of mine on the travel blogging circuit hail from South Africa. We did a Bali house sit with them. Always raving about Cape Town. I see why. Immense raw, natural beauty. IG worthy indeed, just like here on the South Island of New Zealand. Thanks for sharing!


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