12 Best Boat Tours of Kotor and Water Taxis + Tips

12 Best Boat Tours in Kotor, Montenegro

From charming fortresses to hidden coves (with a bit of dramatic mountain scenery sprinkled in for good measure!), the town of Kotor in Montenegro is an absolute feast for the weary traveller’s eyes. This UNESCO World Heritage site on the Adriatic Sea is a must-visit on any trip to the Balkans, especially if you love […]

Ultimate Travel Itinerary for 2 Perfect Days in Vienna

Perfect 2 Days in Vienna

Vienna, Austria’s sophisticated capital, consistently ranks as one of the best cities to travel in, not only in Europe, but across the world. The city is renowned for its high quality of life, great accommodation options, efficient public transportation and is topped by a vibrant cultural scene – all in all, it’s a real travel […]

15 Best Glasgow Attractions to Tick Off Your List

Glasgow Attractions

Planning to visit this iconic British city? Then here’s the 15 best Glasgow attractions you can’t miss! Because did you know that Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city? Ashamed to say, but until I was researching this article, I always thought Edinburgh – the country’s capital – was the largest city… shocking! But it isn’t and […]

20+ Things to Do in Podgorica, Montenegro + Travel Guide

Top Things to Do in Podgorica Montenegro

Welcome to Podgorica! Tucked away in Montenegro’s hinterland, the country’s capital city, is an unexplored and often overlooked hidden gem. After all, there are a surprising number of things to do in Podgorica, for Montenegro’s largest city (in a country of only 600,000 people it doesn’t take much!) is brimming with historic sights, breathtaking landscapes […]

Best Way to Travel by Train from Salzburg to Vienna

Best Way to Travel by Train from Salzburg to Vienna

When you think of Austria, you probably think of sophisticated architecture, snow-capped mountains, ornate cathedrals, picturesque gardens and you can almost hear the sound of the country’s music! And you’d be right! What better way to explore this Alpine gem than by visiting its two major cities: Vienna and Salzburg? Each city has its unique […]

Hiking the Ladder of Kotor + More Montenegro Trail Ideas

Hiking the Ladder of Kotor

If you love hiking, then it’s good to know Montenegro is a hiker’s paradise! I’ve been to this country twice now and whilst I can’t get enough of the coast here (we’re talking crystal clear Adriatic dreams!), enjoying at least a couple of day hikes during my visits has made some of my favourite Montenegro […]

Experience Paradise at These Beaches in Kotor and Nearby

Experience Paradise at These Beaches in Kotor and Nearby

If you’re on the hunt for a beach holiday that’s nothing short of spectacular, try visiting the beaches in Kotor, Montenegro and nearby. Trust me, Montenegro’s coastal scene packs a serious punch, with breathtaking beauty and affordability that could give even the famed Rivieras a run for their money. Who needs the pricey shores of […]

Best 25 Museums in Amsterdam to Add to Your Itinerary

25 Best Museums to Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of my fav cities in the world and, if you’re a museum lover like me, it’s likely to be one of yours too! Boasting a treasure trove of galleries, spaces and exhibitions catering to every curiosity, the best museums in Amsterdam include renowned icons such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh […]

Best Things to See in Kotor, Montenegro in 1-3 Days

Best Things to See in Kotor, Montenegro

Let’s be clear here peeps, you need to get to Kotor in Montenegro and you need to do it soon! For while this gem of a Balkan beauty has definitely been discovered by travellers already, it’s only going to get busier! I mean just look at nearby Dubrovnik! Every bit as picturesque as Dubrovnik in […]

Montenegro Travel Guide: Key Things to Know Before Visiting

Montenegro Travel Guide

If you’re looking for a fab European summer getaway, but worried that your budget won’t stretch to Greece or Croatia, then can I introduce you to Montenegro! As this complete travel guide will quickly reveal, Montenegro is one of my top travel dupes. I first visited this tiny, terrific Balkan country in 2018 and quickly […]