When it comes to long distance adventures, it’s hard to get better than the magnificence of Oceania.

Encompassing the nations of New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, this is part of the world involves one heck of a long flight for most of the globe’s population.

But the journey is sure worth it!
Because landing in Oceania and getting to travel this region is like nothing else on earth.

From the glaciers and geothermal sites of New Zealand, to the deserts and rainforests of Australia, all around are stunning beaches and interesting insights into first-nation culture.

I lived, travelled and worked in Australia for 4 years, so have pretty much covered the length and breadth of the world’s largest island, driving around its circumference and through its iconic red centre – and trust me, this all amounted to the journey of a lifetime!

New Zealand I have visited and loved thanks to its amazing hiking trails and outdoor opps and Samoa was my first foray into the paradisiacal Pacific islands, which totally blew my beach-loving mind!

In essence, what I’m saying is that Oceania might be far, but it sure is worth it!

Just make sure you have plenty of time (or as much time as possible to explore it!), because there’s one heck of a lot of stuff to see once you get here!