Western Europe

From Spain and Portugal, Austria to Germany, Western Europe certainly packs a hefty travel punch.

Throw in a nugget of the Netherlands, a dash of Belgium and a slice of Luxembourg and you’ve got yourself a travel feast, filled with incredible historic cities, political grandeur and some pretty decent beer!

Otherwise, if it’s beaches you’re after, then you can’t get much better than Greece or Cyprus, or if it’s perhaps some amazing food and sensational wine tasting you’re keen on, then France and Italy should have you covered!

For seasonal trips filled with snow, it’s hard to get better than Finland or Slovakia, or if you want to hit the slopes then Switzerland is almost impossible to outdo.

And then, of course there’s my homeland of the UK – filled with iconic cities, ancient treasures, some gorgeous countryside and its fair share of lovely coastline too – there’s a lot to love about travelling here as well!

Spring, summer, autumn or winter, a trip to Western Europe is always a good idea – although just watch your pennies… this is one of the priciest places on the planet to adventure!

Lucky for you however, you’ve come to the right place and Big World Small Pockets has you covered!

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