It’s controversial I know, but I’m going to stick my neck out there and name Spain as one of my favourite European countries.

Perhaps it’s because the language is the one I know best outside of English, which immediately gives me an in to local connection, or perhaps it’s the number of sunny days, the amazing beaches, or the laidback vibes – whatever it is, Spain does it for me.

From amazing Andalusia, situated in the south and almost a land unto itself, to the cutting charisma of Catalonia, the beguiling buzz of the Balearic Islands, the madness of Madrid, or the calendar-round visibility of the Canaries, Spain does it for me.

The only I thing I don’t like so much is the food – hard to be vegetarian here! – and the time they eat dinner – personally I like to be in bed by 10pm, not sitting down for a meal! – but outside that, Spain sells itself.

Often sailing under the radar compared to cultural and historical big players France and Italy, Spain nevertheless offers a glut of worthy cities from Valencia to Bilbao, Salamanca to San Sebastien that more than deliver on vibrance and splendour!

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