Georgia… it’s a top 5 country in my book!

So if you were looking for a reason to put this country near the top of your travel list, this is surely it!

But why do I love travel in Georgia quite so much?

Well it wasn’t just the amazing people, the great food, the fantastic affordability or the delicious wine.

Nor was it just the epic history, the breath-taking hiking or the cultural authenticity.

It was, of course, that magical travel je ne sais quoi!

That undefinable spark that occurs when all the individual wonders of a travel destination fuse together in a way that makes them greater than each of separate, marvellous parts.

And this, friends, is Georgia in a nutshell.

With so much to see and do here, I recommend at least 10 days for your time in this country, with 2 weeks even more ideal.

Kick off in the capital Tbilisi if you can – a city not to be underestimated! – before heading out for some day trips to the wine regions and top historical sites like Gori and David Gareja.

And then I suggest leaving the capital and heading out for some serious hiking in either the Svaneti or Tusheti regions.

Despite being part of Europe, Georgia’s offbeat location in the Caucasus to the east of Turkey and south of Russia, makes it a fascinating corner of this continent and for those who like their adventures a little on the intrepid side, I honestly can’t recommend Georgia enough.

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