Costa Rica

The country of “la pura vida”, or the pure life in English, Costa Rica is renowned for its incredible wildlife national parks, jungles, volcanoes, beaches, biodiversity and strong ecological values.

Over a quarter of the country is comprised of protected reserves that burst with amazing flora and fauna, including a number of special monkey and bird species.

With a stable economic and political system, Costa Rica is also one of the most economically developed countries in Central America and is safe and easy to travel.

Its citizens have high life expectancy, strong rates of literacy and education, good access to healthcare and excellent availability of energy resources, such as electricity – huge amounts of which are produced internally thanks to renewables.

With its natural beauty and diversity, not to mention its good economy and strong services, it’s no surprise Costa Rica is the most visited country in Central America.

With English widely spoken and great tourism infrastructure, Costa Rica makes a great first foray in Central America, especially for families or solo females.

And if you’re a wildlife fanatic, it’s just about one of the best places you can go on earth!

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