Letting you in on a little secret here, Greece is the one country in Western Europe I feel I need to discover more…

And honestly, who can blame me!

With over 6000 islands, it would likely take you a whole life to discover this amazing southern European country in all its glory… if not a few lives!

From Corfu to Crete, Rhodes to Santorini and Mykonos, the big players all well known, as least among us Brits, but offer only a fraction of what Greece truly offers.

With incredible weather most of the year, beaches galore, walking trails by the dozen, sensational food and an all-round ambience that oozes relaxation and rejuvenation, I’m making a commitment myself right now, to get all up in Greece a bit more!

And that’s without including a few days in Athens, where the Acropolis still remains on my bucket list…

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