If you’re in the game of learning which of the countries I’ve visited are my favs, then I’ll make a confession here, Peru is definitely top 5 for me!

Absolutely huge and incredible diverse, I spent 3 months in this country and still didn’t really feel like I touched the sides!

From the Amazon to the Andes, with a whole load of coast thrown in for good measure, Peru is a historical, culinary, hiking and cultural treasure.

Everywhere you turn, the country wows, and be that with well known icons like Machu Picchu, or hidden gems like Huascaran National Park, Peru delivers on just about every level.

From vibrant markets that buzz with amazing foodie treats and genuine local culture, to stunning views across endless mountains, there’s also amazing wildlife to spot here and gorgeous colonial towns like Arequipa to keep you busy too.

In between this there’s Spanish schools to attend, jungle stays to wild in and surfing camps to ride those Atlantic waves with.

The only thing I would say about travelling Peru, is to allow time.

If you just have a few weeks, then don’t try to do it all!

Instead, pick one area and stick to it – exploring it well and really get to enjoy all the adventures it promises will pay off.

While many head for Cusco and the Sacred Valley, set on hiking and history bucket list ticks, the north of Peru also has many Andean treasures away from the crowds that should not be ignored either.

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