Eastern Europe

From Belgrade to Budapest, Bucharest to Berlin, Eastern Europe certainly packs a diverse travel punch.

Throw in a slice of Sofia, a pinch of Prague and a dash of Dubrovnik and you’ve got yourself a travel extravaganza – filled with instaworthy ancient cities, beautiful architecture and some pretty decent beer!

Otherwise, if it’s beaches you’re after, then you can’t get much better than Montenegro or Albania, or if it’s perhaps some amazing mountain scenery you’re keen on, then Slovenia and Slovakia should have you covered!

For seasonal trips filled with snow and ski opps, it’s hard to get better than Bulgaria or Romania, or if you want some stunning lake scenery Hungary and Poland are just the ticket.

And then, of course, there’s Ukraine – a country filled with iconic cities, quirky treasures, and some gorgeous countryside that we all hope will return to peace and safety soon.

Summer is definitely the best time to visit eastern Europe in my opinion – the warm weather at this time of year is unbeatable – but if you’re looking for festive feels, then Christmas markets in Poland and Czech Republic along with snow alpine scenery in Transylvania and the High Tatras are hard to beat!

Easy on the price tags and jampacked on the fun, Eastern Europe is a budget travel win from every angle!