Far less popular than Morocco and Egypt, but no less amazing as a result, I honestly can’t believe that more people don’t travel to Tunisia.

Or at least, that more people don’t travel to Tunisia outside of the beachy resorts!Because there really is a whole load more to this country than just beaches and deserts.

From active adventures like kayaking, cycling, hiking, boating and caving, to wild 4wd adventures and even the charm and history of its coastal cities – despite being a small place, Tunisia sure packs a heck of a lot in!

And that’s not taking into account the food, which is a huge part of travel here, as well as the amount of ancient and UNESO-listed sites!

From Al-Huwariyah to Sidi Bou Said, Zaghouan to El Kef, the differences in culture, climate and cuisine are startling across Tunisia and make this nation the intriguing and fascinating place it is.

Visiting in the spring months of April and May, as well as the Autumn month of September are definitely the best times to head to Tunisia, thanks to the minimal rain and reasonable temperatures during these periods.

And when you do, remember that is still pays to dress fairly conservatively here (long pants / skirts at least) and to travel with an eSIM, plenty of cash and a sense of fun!

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