The beguiling city of Budapest is definitely the shining jewel in Hungary’s town thanks to it amazing historic sites, charming river cruises and islands, plus funky ruin bars.

And who could forget the stunning baths, which are my absolute fav way to spend a day here too.

In my opinion, Hungary is worth getting on your bucket list for the baths alone!

Outside of Budapest and the Baths though, don’t miss Lake Balatan, which is the largest lake in central Europe.

With a few days in each of these destinations, you have a perfect 5 day itinerary for Hungary, which is ideal to enjoy in the summer months between June and September.

And if you want to explore further afield in central or eastern Europe, then Hungary is also the perfect launching pad – not only are there regular flights to the capital, but there’s plenty of trains and buses that can take you to neighbouring Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania too.

Part of the EU, there’s also no noticeable borders with most of these countries of course, but it is worth noting that Hungary uses the Forint as its currency, not the Euro, so come prepared!

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