In a continent of pretty vast countries – think Peru, Brazil and Argentina – Ecuador stands out as a smaller, manageable gem in this otherwise enormous region!

But what it may lack in comparative size, it more than makes up for in diversity.

In fact, I think Ecuador packs in just as much as neighbours Colombia and Peru, only in a much more compact area.

And when it comes to travelling around, this can be a godsend!

Forget insanely long bus rides, or even domestic flights, Ecuador is easy and fairly quick to get around – if you only have a 2 week break for your South America travels, it’s ideal!

From historic capital Quito, to charming whitewashed Cuenca and, inbetween, the Andean magic of Cotopaxi and Amazon treasures of Banos, Ecuador is a hot spring, coffee-fuelled, altitude hiking, market tapestry of authentic culture and stunning landscapes.

It’s hard not fall in love with it all!

But just in case the mainland didn’t grab you quite enough, the mighty Galapagos Islands, which sit off the coast of Ecuador, are sure to blow your mind once and for all!

Outside of the Falklands islands, I’m not sure there’s anywhere more special when it comes to unincumbered wildlife spots on an epic scale.

Needless to say the islands do come with a high price tag, but if it’s a once in a lifetime trip you’re looking for, Galapagos really is hard to top!

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