The alluring Cartagena is what drags many people to Colombia in the first place, but it’s then the amazing atmosphere and incredible hospitality that keeps them there!

For there’s so much to see and do in this huge Southern American giant, that Cartagena really is just the tip of the iceberg!

From the City of Eternal Spring of Medellin, through to the lofty cultural hub and capital of Bogota, Colombia is a feat of Andean highs and coastal lows.

In between there’s charming and quaint towns (like Guatapé where I lived and worked back in the day), as well as the coffee regions and foothills of this lush green region.

Don’t miss the Lost City trek, La Guajira Desert or the capital of Salsa, Cali, it’s all there to be savoured and enjoyed in this wonderful country.

Once off limits to all tourists, Colombia is now well and truly thriving, with many travellers ranking it among their fav countries worldwide.

Visit between the months of December and March for the best weather, with dry days everywhere except the Amazon and blue skies even in the high Andes.

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