Central America

One of the first places I backpacked to after my undergrad degree (and the first place I lived overseas), Central America will always a hold a little bit of my heart.

Washed by both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans, this tropical isthmus might be small on a global scale, but it sure does pack a mean travel punch… even after spending almost 2 years there, I still didn’t see it all!

From the strong traditional culture of Guatemala with its amazing temples, lakes, volcanoes and markets, through to surfy El Salvador, scuba-divey Honduras, blissful Belize, canal-famous Panama and wildlife-laden Costa Rica, Central America is a feast on every level… and that’s even before you get into the avocadoes and coffee!

But my highlight in this region had to be the incredible country of Nicaragua

With 2 oceans, plenty of rainforest scenery, stunning volcanic lakes and all round good vibes, is it any surprise that I planned to spend a couple of months here and ended up staying over a year!

If you also make it here, don’t miss the city of Leon, the mythical island of Ometepe and the Corn Islands for that Caribbean kick.

Elsewhere in the region, Corcovado National Park, Bocos Del Toro Islands, Lake Atitlan, Antigua, Manuel Antonio National Park, Montezuma, Boquete, Tikal, Santa Catalina, Semuc Champey, Uvita and El Tunco are spots not be missed!

I’ve basically given you the perfect central American itinerary here, but if you want more inspo, check out my list of the top 21 things to see in Costa Rica, the 10 things to know before you backpack Central America, my ideal packing list for the region and the 15 can’t miss spots in Nicaragua.

Bound to give you a great flavour for the lush and lively region in the world, I hope your travels here have you falling in love with Central America as I did…