If you want to head to South America, but are slightly fearful of the costs of travelling in Peru, Argentina, Brazil or Chile, then can I suggest the stunning little country of Bolivia instead?

Boasting all the Andean and Amazonian glory of many of its neighbours, Bolivia is however, a little easier on the pockets!

A great place to learn Spanish – there’s schools everywhere offering super affordable lessons – not to mention an epic country for outdoor pursuits (think hiking in the mountains or biking the famous Death Road), amazing landscapes and wonderfully authentic cultural experiences, Bolivia is an all-round winner!

From wandering colonial Sucre to multi-day excursions to Amazon eco lodges, exploring the islands and communities that live on Lake Titicaca (the highest lake in the world) to epic drives across Salar de Uyuni (the world’s largest salt flat), it’s definitely true that despite its size, Bolivia boasts some incredible highlights and more than a few of my favourite things to do in South America.

And that’s without mentioning the markets, the food, the wrestling, the cable cars or the alpaca!

So if you’re looking for a Latin America adventure for less, I highly recommend Bolivia.

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