One of the most authentic countries I’ve visited, Guatemala is a hotbed of Mayan culture and a key place to learn about the roots and heritage of this amazing civilisation, as well as see how these communities live today.

Tikal in the north of the country is one of the most impressive ruins worldwide and nearby Flores is a must-visit too.

Further south in the country, the beguiling Lake Titicaca ensnares many a traveller for longer than they plan thanks to its charming lakeside towns and gorgeous waters! 

Once you’ve pulled yourself away from the Lake Atitlan, coastline spots such as Monterrico, on the Guatemala’s Pacific coast and Livingston on the Caribbean side beckon, and make sure you don’t miss the stunning spot of Semuc Champey and nearby Lanquin too.

And finally, who can ignore the charming allure of Antigua?

A stunning colonial city at the foot of several volcanoes, you can spend weeks in and around this beautiful spot which boasts some epic day trips, thriving markets and natural wonders.

If you want my advice, it’s skip Guatemala City all together and instead head straight to Antigua from the airport and enjoy the cobbled streets, lowkey vibes and beautiful buildings of this historic spot instead.

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