Definitely a more off the beaten track country in Africa, I backpacked through Sudan in 2018 and have rarely been so surprised and blown away by a country.

Plagued by negative images in the media, political instability and civil unrest, Sudan has not had an easy ride in recent years, but honestly I’ve never met such friendly and hospitable people in my life.

Despite living in an incredibly tough economic climate, Sudanese people were so generous it below me away.

From taxis drivers who wouldn’t let me pay for rides, to shopkeepers who wouldn’t let me pay for goods, it was embarrassing and difficult to navigate how kind people were here.

Travelling as a solo female, I always felt safe (despite not meeting a single other tourist!) and absolutely loved getting to visit sights in this desert most people haven’t even heard of, let alone seen.

From ancient pyramids older than those in Egypt to the incredible archaeological museums in Khartoum, travelling in Sudan is a wild and wonderful adventure that I highly recommend to those who aren’t scared to push their boundaries.

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