One of the big hitters in northern African (the other is Egypt of course!), Morocco is a great first foray into this continent and a winner when it comes to experiencing a slice of the diversity Africa has to offer.

Be it hiking in the Atlas mountains, surfing on the Atlantic coast, wandering the ancient streets of Fez’s Medina or overnighting in the Sahara, this country offers it all.

Many people only head to Marrakesh when they visit Morocco, but do this and you miss out on so much this amazing country has within its borders.

From the Blue City of Chefchaouen in the north, to the hidden gorges and valleys of the historic caravan routes, there’s really so much to be glimpsed away from the riads and souks of the country’s most famous capital market.

In fact, I’d really advise spending the least amount of time in Marrakesh and instead getting out to see what lies beyond this city – a land where the real colours and culture of Morocco spring into life.

From the solitude of the desert palmeraies, to sipping mint tea in ancient medina, to exploring the plethora of ancient ruins in this country, Morocco delivers so much away from the places everywhere most travellers tend to go.. and for me, this is where its greatest treasures lie.

So sure, grab your fresh orange juice above the chaos of Jemaa el-Fna Square and get your sand fix near Essaouira, but why not then diver deeper inland, where the mysteries of this ancient land begin to reveal themselves.

For more ideas about what to do in Morocco away from the crowds, as well as my top tips for travel there, check out these posts I’ve written during my 4 trips to this dazzling destination…

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