My favourite country in the region by a long way – well it’s actually one of my favourite countries the world over – Lebanon is a travel treat that pulls almost everyone in under its spell.

For a start, it’s insanely beautiful, with the crystal waters of the Mediterranean coast lapping its toes and the snow-capped peaks of the Mount Lebanon range shouldering it above the clouds.

Together these make for amazing swimming and hiking combinations in the summer and incredible skiing views in the winter!

Then of course you have the stunning wine making towns like Batroun, the incredible range of UNESCO-listed sites like Baalbeck, and the plethora of stunning coastal spots like Byblos and Tyre in between.

And topping it all off is beguiling Beirut – a city often described as a drug it’s so alluring, thanks to its gorgeous architecture, its vibrant culture and its insatiable appetite for fun!

I actually ended up living in Beirut for a number of months, after falling in love with the place and honestly, the food and hospitality of this city is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced!

So if you want to try a truly amazing, deeply unique and utterly unforgettable adventure – it has to be Lebanon.

Best visited in the spring and autumn months, do make sure to check the security situation before you travel here and to allow at least 10 days to explore this country.

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