Middle East

Often a hugely misunderstood region, the Middle East has provided some of the most amazing travel experiences I’ve ever had.

Spring and Autumn are definitely the best times to visit the region in my opinion – with the pleasant weather at these times of year, as well as the lower prices and crowds, making it a delight.

Adventuring in the Middle East as a solo female, I’ve seen countless ancient treasures, eaten innumerable delicious dishes and explored some seriously superb cites – my favourite of which has to be Beirut in Lebanon where I even ended up living for a number of months!

Other amazing spots in the region include Amman, Tel Aviv and Istanbul, with lesser known historic treats like the Roman city of Jerash or the immense Ancient Greek site of Baalbeck also offering incredible travel experiences away from the crowds.

And then there’s the bucket list beauties too of course.

From Petra in Jordan to the wonders of Jerusalem, not to mention hot air ballooning in Turkey’s Cappadocia, reclining at the Mediterranean, hiking in UNESCO-listed cedar forests or floating on the Dead Sea, the Middle East always delivers and delights.

Close by, the countries of Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia in North Africa have similar cultures and are often included in Middle East travel sections, but I’ve chosen to categorise them geographically by including these in my Africa section instead.

If you want to find out about adventuring in these countries, head over to my Africa destination page, otherwise stick with the utterly unique and magically mind blowing Middle East region which never fails to surprise, shock, startle and silence me in equal measure!