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Sicily, Favignana Island, Me at Cala Azzurra


But what if you don’t know where to travel?

Then my advice is to consider 2 main factors when it comes to deciding your destination.

The first is to know what time of year you want to go, as this will hugely dictate where in the world you might head for.

If you’re travelling between January and March, then Central America, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and South Africa are all great options, along with ski and winter holidays in Europe.

Between April and June, North Africa, Southern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Japan are great choices, along with Outback and Northern Australia.

From July through to September, I highly recommend sticking to the northern hemisphere, which will be enjoying its summer, including Europe, North America and Canada. These months are also a good time to safari in East Africa or hike in Peru’s Andes.

And then from October to December consider countries in Southern Africa like Botswanan and Namibia, along with Argentina and Chile, India, Nepal and West Africa too.


Finland, Helsinki, Me


And if you’re still trying to decide where you want to travel, it also pays to think about the type of activities you want to enjoy when you’re away as, again, this will hugely dictate where you plan to head.

Beach lovers can’t go far wrong with southern Europe countries like Spain in the summer, as well as countries in Southeast Asia in the winter. Central America, Brazil and the Caribbean also have some amazing beaches and if you’re not afraid of a long flight, then it’s hard to beat the Pacific Islands too.

Heading to Southern or Eastern Africa is a great option for those who are into wildlife and national parks and for desert landscapes, you can’t get than Namibia, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

For mountains and hiking Nepal, India and the Andean countries in South America (including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia) would be my choice and for some jungle action, these countries, plus areas in Central America and Brazil, are the places to go.

For geothermal landscapes, New Zealand and Iceland are two of the best and if you want winter scenes then Canada and Scandinavia are hard to beat.

Otherwise, if it’s food you’re after, Peru, Japan, India, Italy, Lebanon, France, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia would be my choices, while for history, Egypt and Italy are again difficult to top, although Peru, India, Morocco, the UK, Jordan, Turkey, Cambodia, Vietnam and China all given them a run for their money!

For more details about how to plan your perfect travel adventure in 15 simple steps, read this article.

Otherwise, I hope this section gives you all the inspiration you’ll need to travel to all these wonderful places and more.

There’s just so much to discover across our amazing planet that the most important thing is to simply get out there and start experiencing it!

Kenya, Hells Gate NP, Me