Probably fair to say that Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is not at the top of everyone’s travel list in Eastern Europe.

But that doesn’t mean it should be missed out!

For this riverside city offers more than its fair share of vibes… and certainly more than I was expecting that’s for sure!

From historic forts and re-genned docklands, to houseboat hostels, houseboat restaurants and houseboat bars, in my opinion, the river really is where the action is here.

But don’t expect glitz and glamour, Belgrade very much feels like a working city, full of smoky cafes (yes you can still smoke inside bars and restaurants here!), small creaky-door stores tucked hidden streets and fabulous, heavyweight drinking holes!

While there is more to Serbia than Belgrade, the capital is certainly the tourist hotspot in this landlocked country and I recommend mostly basing yourself there.

There’s also a large number of days and weekend trips you can undertake from Belgrade, including the country’s second city of Novi Sad, which is just a few hours away.

Best visited in the summer, Serbia makes an good detour if you’re travelling between Romania and Hungary.

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