The beautiful Buddhist country of Laos often gets left off many a Southeast Asian itinerary – but this is a mistake!

Nestled between Vietnam and Cambodia, this landlocked gem is however, worth at least a week of your travels, with Luang Prabang being the top destination in the country in my opinion.

Boasting 33 amazing temples and a whole host of other cultural and natural attractions, this very peaceful and authentic town is a breath of fresh air compared to the sometimes overbearing and brazen other spots you can find in this region.

Although “breath of fresh air” may be an exaggeration here! 
Because things in Laos are generally pretty freaking steamy!

To avoid the heat and humidity as much as possible, the best time to visit this country is from November through March, when temperatures and rainfall are at their lowest (read. it’s still a sweat fest!), because you really don’t want to be here when the precipitation soars!

Visiting Laos during the European winter also works well if you’re on a longer Southeast Asian trip (the surrounding countries share the same optimal travel season) and it’s also great to know that Laos is one of the cheapest countries to visit in the region too.

Other spots you should head to when you’re here include the capital Vientiane, for its mix of French-colonial architecture and Buddhist temples, along with Vang Vieng for its great range of active adventures, including kayaking and hiking.

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