Estonia was one of the last countries I visited in Eastern Europe, but boy did I save a goodie until the end!

Because even though I visited outside of summer, which is the peak season (in fact I visited during a freezing week in November!), Estonia still charmed the pants off me!

The jewel in the crown is, of course, Tallinn, with its incredibly well-preserved and UNESCO-listed Medieval centre, and trendy creative area of Telliskivi – a former railway works.

Here you can find wonderfully unique shops, cafes, distilleries, bars and businesses – many with a sustainable and ethical focus.

But beyond Tallinn – which is where most travellers stick to – there’s still a wealth to enjoy in this beautifully forested country.

From sauna culture to bouji wood cabins, coastal strolls to cycling adventures, Estonia is a such a hidden gem that I really can’t believe more people aren’t shouting about it!

Add in the friendliness of the people, the pride for their country and the sense of progressiveness I found here, and Estonia is well on its way to be an affordable and amazing version of Scandinavia… perhaps it’s even there already!

Visit in the summer for warm long days, wild swimming and festivals, or visit in the winter for sauna splendour, cosy bars and forest retreats.

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