Bosnia Hercegovina, as this small eastern European country is officially known, has had a chequered history to say the least.

Essentially landlocked, it’s a nation born out of former Yugoslavia and therefore has close, if not complicated, relationships with many of the its former Yugoslavian neighbours.

An Islamic-majority country, one of the few in the region, Bosnia is a beautiful country to visit, filled with fascinating history and fantastic hospitality.

Stealing the limelight are the 2 cities that form the capitals of the Bosnian and Hercegovinan regions respectively.

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, is utterly charming and filled with important historic sites. 

Small but hilly, you’ll want to allow a few days (and bring some good shoes) to discover the story of this intriguing corner of Europe.

Afterwards, most travellers head south for a few days to explore second city, Mostar.

Famous for its beautiful bridge, this tiny town also boasts amazing day trips to nearby waterfalls and ex-military bunkers – sounds like a bizarre combination, but it works!

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