Most known among travellers for its beautiful islands on the Caribbean side, Bocas Del Toro,  as well as its world famous canal, Panama however, tends to be wildly overlooked destination on the holiday map of Central America.

From the cute hilltop town of Boquete in the west, to the Pacific surf town of Santa Catalina, also famous for its amazing diving spots, there’s a whole host of treasures not to be missed in this country which forms the bottom of the Central American isthmus.

Often travelled only by those looking to adventure from Costa Rica to Colombia on a sailing trip (that allows you to dodge to no-go zone of the Darien Gap), Panama is, however, worth more than a quick pitstop.

The old part of the capital city and the impressive canal are owed a couple of days of your itinerary, but beyond this, the magic of this little-visited country is just waiting to welcome.

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