Slovakia really is a hidden gem in the heart of the central Europe.

In fact, it’s so hidden that many people I speak to, don’t even know where it is, or how to get there!

Well the good news is Slovakia is both conveniently located and easy to get to from a range of European cities including London, Paris, Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

The tiny capital of Bratislava might feel like a cute country town, but after those exhausting sightseeing days in some of the region’s other big hitters, it’s unassuming and charming vibe can prove a welcome relief!

Allow at least a couple days in Bratislava so you can enjoy a day trip or 2 (think castles and wine) and then I recommend you set off across the country for Slovakia’s amazing Tatra Mountains.

Clustered around the city of Poprad (which you can also fly directly into FYI), the High Tatras are an utterly striking, outdoor travel playground, where winter sports as well as summer hiking and biking trails rule.

The views and beauty of this area came as such a surprise to me and, given how affordable the region is compared to the Italian Dolomites or the Alps, it’s a budget travel win too.

Can you tell I highly recommend Slovakia?!

Learn more about adventuring in this country here…

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