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I get asked a lot for my top tips when it comes to blogging resources and tools, so I’ve decided to compile them into a neat little list, so you can easily learn what I use to run and optimise my online business.

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Social Media Tools

I use a lot of social media tools to manage the accounts of my own blog and other freelance clients.

Please send me an email – steph{at} – if you’re interested in my social media consultacy services, otherwise here’s the top tools I use…

Meet Edgar

The dream solution when it comes to automating Facebook & Twitter and saving hours of time.


The ultimate Pinterest tool for scheduling pins months in advance and waiting for the traffic to roll in!


I use this great provider a lot for my freelance social media clients. I love their stream set up which is fantastic for monitoring and analytics.


A great, simple scheduler tool – perfect for beginners and those on a low budget.

A superb Instagram scheduler that’s simple to get to grips with.

Instagram Course

A top course that really helped me monetize my Instagram following.


Hosting, Domains & Email Marketing

When it comes to techy stuff, I like companies who make life easy for me…

Go Daddy

Get your domain with Go Daddy – top customer service!


I can’t shout about these guys enough! After I moved from a disastrous company, hosting with A2 has been a dream!


Still my go to for email newsletters, I love how user-friendly Mailchimp is.


The company I’m looking to expand my email service to.


Design & Products

A very important part of my blogging learning curve, here’s the resources I use to help design my blog and the products I sell…


The ideal free tool for designing Pinterest images, media kits, pdfs and more.


Super image editing tool, which is great for beginners and has lots of helpful tutorials.


Image editing tool from Adobe I’ve recently fallen in love with.


Fantastic, cheap online store for a huge range of creative design services, including logo design.

Print on Demand

If you’re looking to start monetising your blog in a low risk way, then “print on demand” services can be really useful when it comes to selling any physical products you want to design. Learn more in this easy to understand article.



Getting to grips with SEO is a massive part of succeeding as a blogger. Here’s the top products that helped me get there…

Udemy SEO Courses

This amazing online learning platform has tons of fantastic courses. The one I took about SEO was literally a game-changer for me.

Long Tail Premium

Amazing tool when it comes to keyword research. Pricey, but worth every cent. Get 30% off by clicking the above link.



Getting paid as a blogger is usually a fairly international affair, with money coming from across the globe via all sorts of currencies. Here’s the tools I use to help me manage this…


A really awesome online money transfer company that will get you a better rate than the bank everytime! You can also open a borderless account with them that allows you a mastercard which has much lower overseas transaction fees.


If you use (or want to use) any international affiliate programmes, Payoneer is a must when it comes to getting your commission from across the world!