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Even as a rigid budget traveller, I always make sure I have insurance when I travel.

And thank goodness, because I’ve used it a good few times let me tell you!

From cancelled flights to lost sunglasses and emergency dental work, there’s no question that I’ve realised investing in travel cover can save you a lot of cash in the long run!

So here are some companies I’ve used for travel insurance and would highly recommend …

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Globelink International

Love, love, love this insurance company!

With policies designed exclusively for backpackers and the ability to take out insurance when you’re already travelling, as well as get ex-pat cover, these guys are the best for European adventurers!



If you’re a long-term nomad or remote worker like me, then you should check out Safetywing

I love their novel concept of travel health cover, which is perfect for those of us who are always on the move.

Offering comprehensive travel medical insurance, which is ideal for digital nomads as it works on a low cost, rolling subscription basis, they even provide fully equipped health insurance for entire international remote work teams and there’s no exclusions for pandemics!


World Nomads

One of the most popular travel insurance companies around, these guys come recommended by Lonely Planet and Rough Guides to name but a few.

Signing up for a policy with them is easy and their terms of cover are simply laid out and easy to understand.

My favourite part about their service however is that you can buy World Nomads Travel Insurance when you are already away.

This means if you extend your trip or change your plans, these guys will cover you without any need for you to return to your home country.


Credit Card Travel Insurance by TINZ

So you’ve got a travel credit card and you’ve pulled out all the tricks you need to activate the insurance, but are you really getting the cover you anticipated?

This great guide takes a look at the pros and cons of having credit card insurance, so you can best weigh up all the options.