Located in east Africa, Rwanda is a tiny nation with a big story.

Kigali, the capital, is one of the safest cities in this part of the world, and everywhere Rwanda gleams with the shine of western aid money that poured in after the horrendous genocide here.

Visiting the Kigali Genocide Museum is a must to learn more about this tragic event and to educate yourself about the role colonialism and tribalism played in this shocking historic chapter.

But, on a lighter note, there’s also plenty of natural attractions to explore around Rwanda, including the magical opportunity to see Gorillas and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of Lake Kivu and Nyungwe Forest National Park.

For many visitors, Rwanda is part of a longer east Africa tour and, with good land connections to both Tanzania and Uganda, it’s easy to see why.

For those on a short timeframe, these 3 countries can be enjoyed in a number of weeks and provide an incredibly diverse travel experience that includes epic safaris, stunning beaches, rich culture and amazing wildlife stops.

The best time to visit make this east Africa itinerary, or visit Rwanda by itself, is either during the long dry season from June to September, or within the short dry season in December and January.

Just remember if you are going to see the gorillas here, you’ll need to get permits far in advance, especially during this peak tourist times, so do book ahead…

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