Without a shadow of a doubt one of the most economically developed countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore is like a little world unto itself!

A tiny city nation, right at the end of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore occupies a relatively small patch of land, but has huge influence and sway way above its size.

With a large international airport and extremely high standard of living, it’s a driving force in the area and an interesting mix of eastern and western cultures, which is why so many people have visiting Singapore on their wish list.

And so they should!

Easy to enjoy for at least 3-4 days, there’s actually tons on offer in this city / country, which boasts beautiful gardens, fascinating museums, unique attractions, gorgeous galleries and best of all, amazing food!

One thing Singapore is not renowned for however, is it’s affordability; so if you’re on a tight budget, it may be best to keep your time in the destination short!

But visit nonetheless you should!

It’s cheap to get here by bus from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and, once you arrive there’s actually a really good collection of free things to enjoy!

So if Singapore is on your list, check out these articles I’ve written to help you plan your time there…

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