When it comes to travel, it’s hard to overlook the eternal favourite of Asia!

From the timeless temples to the beautiful beaches, stunning scuba diving and snorkelling to hiking, caving, climbing and kayaking – there’s no doubt this continent offer adventurers a lot.

Southeast Asia tends to be the pitstop of many a first time traveller, with the classic countries of Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines and Malaysia reeling many a backpacker in.

Beyond, that my favourites of Vietnam and Myanmar seem to vibrate with a little more culture in their offering and if your pockets are big enough, then you shouldn’t overlook Singapore for at least a few days as well.

Beyond this, the mighty land masses of China and India dominate the continent and you could easily loose weeks or even months of your time here.

At the other end of the spectrum, islands such as Sri Lanka, Japan, Korea and Papua New Guinea offer visitors a huge and unique amount to see and do.

Alive with vibrant, as well as traditional communities and cultures, Asia is awash with incredible rich travel experiences just waiting for you to discover!