The thing about Namibia is the light.

You will literally never experience light like it and just taking an average photo on your smartphone here, will likely result in the best photo you’ve ever taken… FACT!

And this happens time and time again in this country.

Thanks in part to the incredible desertscapes of this arid nation, the dunes that descend to the Atlantic Ocean here present a wild and wonderful scenery to travel through.

Desert spots such as Sossusvlei and Spitzkoppe, as well as Fish River Canyon, are must-visits and no one can come to Namibia and miss the amazing wildlife opportunities here either.

Top of the list is Etosha National Park – a big 5 feast in the north of the country with incredible animal spotting experiences , as well as Cape Cross Seal Colony – the place to see more seals than you ever will anywhere in your life!

And that’s not even taking into account the kayaking along Orange River, the hiking in Fish River Canyon and the culture fusion of towns such as Swakopmund.

All in all, Namibia is a southern African feast!

It’s also safe, stable and pretty affordable, making it a great first foray into this part of the continent.

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