Rapidly gaining traction, Romania is a real trending destination in Eastern Europe at the moment.

One of the few countries where, in my opinion, the capital isn’t one of the top highlights; instead, it’s all about heading to the Transylvanian area of this country for amazing castle visits and hiking.

At the centre of the action here is the lovely city of Brasov – a beautiful spot to base yourself with plenty of top places to stay, eat and visit.

From here, you can venture off to explore mountains marvels like the quaint historic towns of Sighișoara and Sibiu, the epic drive of the Transfagarasan Highway and of course, the famous Bran castle – the former home of Dracula himself!

Or, even better in my opinion, is nearby Peleș Castle – which dates back to 1883!

Beyond this, the untouched Black Sea area, including the mighty Danube Delta, is one of the least explored coastal areas in Europe and a hotspot for birdlife.

Wonderfully affordable to explore and a great destination year round (think snowy mountains in the winter and hot sunny days in the summer), Romania is also rich in traditional culture and customs with isolated villages still continuing life as they have for hundreds of years.

So if you’re heading to Eastern Europe, do not miss Romania!

I suggest at least 10 days for this country and here’s some great info to help you experience an amazing time there…

Complete Romania Packing List

It often feels like a forgotten corner of Europe, doesn’t it? But forget about Romania [...]

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