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Working while you travel is such a good way to keep your budget tight and maximise the length of your trip.

Even volunteering can help you do this – especially if it’s in exchange for accommodation and / or food.

So here is my list of the most useful websites and tools if you’re planning to work abroad…


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Having a fast, secure data connection is vital when working remotely.

There are many ways to find a fast Wi-Fi connection, but even the best networks aren’t always reliable.

To tide you over, or keep you connected when you can’t find good Wi-Fi, I recommend prepaid eSIM data from aloSIM as they never throttle, and support device hotspotting/tethering.


Global Work & Travel

The one-stop shop for people wanting to head overseas to work and travel, Global Work & Travel offer a huge range of searchable opportunities for both paid and unpaid experiences abroad.

From the moment you sign up and become a member, this company offers 24/7 support care of a large team, across 4 offices around the globe, as part of their commitment to being the world’s leading work and travel online store.



A great way to find work, particularly in Australia, as well as flat shares, bikes, travel partners and much more.

Easy and free!


Harvest Trail

The site you need if you are trying to get your second working holiday visa or any farm work in Australia.

This is a government-run service, which lets you know which work offers from farms are genuine and which are not.

Always check before you pay any sort of deposit or commit yourself.

Harvest Trail also have helpful guidelines on produce seasons and work availability.


Help Exchange

Offering great exchange possibilities around the world, Help Exchange allows you to engage with locals in new and exciting ways.

The rules are flexible, so you could be doing anything, but sometimes it can mean free accommodation, food and even some cash in the most unexpected places.

Sweet deal!

This awesome website is the ideal resource for helping travellers working or studying abroad to claim tax refunds in their host countries.

With a FREE tax refund estimation calculator and specialised services in over 13 countries around the world, helped over 322,000 people last year get tax refunds.

See what you’re owned from your time working or studying abroad and get more money to spend on your next adventure!



The number one language course for those wishing to teach English abroad, TEFL is one of the best travel resources around.

An incredible skill to have if you’re looking for employment on the road, I’ve completed the 120hr online course and can personally recommend the usefulness and efficacy of this great qualification.

If you haven’t signed up yet, check out the FREE Taster Quiz to see if TEFL is for you.



Wise is the tool I always use to sort when my finances when working or travelling overseas.

With the ability to receive and send money in over 50 currencies, a Wise account really is the easiest way to save and spend abroad with real exchange rates, no markups and no sneaky transaction fees.

You can use your associated Wise card just like a debit card and it links easily with Google and Apple pay – sold!

Check out my review of Wise here.



Offering unique volunteer experiences in over 100 countries, Worldpackers is an online community of 1.5 million travellers and hosts, all using global adventuring as a way to connect, skill share and make an impact.

Having been running for over 8 years, Worldpackers has more than 120,000 reviews and boasts hosts in more than 140 countries.

If you want to volunteer abroad, this is a great place to start for searching opportunities across a range of regions and experiences, and you can save $10 USD off your membership when you use my promo code: BWSP20.

Just click the title link above to get started.



WWOOFing stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

I’ve WWOOFed all over the world, both officially and unofficially, and can’t recommend it enough as a great way to meet like-minded people and learn something during your travels.