A difficult country to place, I eventually decided that Turkey best fitted into my Middle East destination section, but of course, it could well have appeared on the fringes of Europe or Asia too.

Situated in Asia Minor, and straddling continents, the jewel in Turkey’s travel crown is of course the historic city of Istanbul, once Constantinople, which is where most people begin their adventures here.

Allowing at least a few days to cruise the Bosporus, see the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque, as well as discover charming neighbourhoods like Kadikoy, makes Istanbul a must.

Also on the Turkey need-to-visit list are spots like Cappadocia, famous for its hot air balloon rides and cave churches, Izmir, with the incredible Roman city of Ephesus nearby and the Mediterranean coast, with its excellent hiking and beach spots.

A huge country, it’s pretty impossible to see all of Turkey in just one trip, but 2 weeks should allow you to see the main hotspots.

After this, there’s plenty of off the beaten track locations, especially in the north and east of the county just waiting to be discovered and thankfully a good domestic air network makes this pretty possible.

Afterwards there’s coaches that also suit budget travellers, as well as those with more time.

For a country that combines history and cultural with beaches and amazing prices, it’s hard to beat Turkey, so check out these article I wrote during my time there if you’re thinking of giving it a go…


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