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Hipster, Heritage and Hygge: How a Trip to Tallinn Hit the Spot

Hipster, Heritage and Hygge: How a Trip to Tallinn Hit the Spot

“How can I best describe Tallinn,” I asked my travel colleague? “Well it’s one of the best preserved Medieval cities in Europe” he replied. “Yes I know,” I said, “but I think I might need something a slightly sexier than that.” “I honestly don’t know how it gets sexier than that”, was his incredulous response! […]

11 Great Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Tallinn to Try on Your Trip

11 Great Restaurants, Cafes & Bars to Try When you Travel to Tallinn

Lucky me, I got to visit Tallinn during the city’s restaurant week so, needless to say, I definitely got to savour the flavour in some the city’s best restaurants, cafes and bars. And I’m delighted to bring you here my top 10 picks, because who knew Tallinn had some places to dine and drink. With […]

Reflections on my Mirror House Stay in Estonia

My Stay in an Estonian Mirror House

Sometimes you’ve got to stand back from something to get the best perspective on it. Close up, the impression just isn’t clear enough. So standing in the Estonian forest, some distance back, the gorgeous scene of the low impact mirror houses, dotted among the pine trees, really did set the scene for a fantastic getaway. […]

Only Packing List for Estonia You Need!

Complete Packing List for Estonia

If you’re heading to the beautiful Baltic country of Estonia, then this is the only packing list you’ll need! No matter whether you’re planning to travel there in summer to enjoy long sightseeing days under the warm sun, or opting for a festive trip full of Christmas markets and steaming saunas, this article has you […]

Complete Romania Packing List

The Ultimate Romania Packing List

It often feels like a forgotten corner of Europe, doesn’t it? But forget about Romania at your peril I say, because this country absolutely deserves a top spot on Europe’s travel map! And to help you plan your time there, I’m bringing you my complete packing list for this country. Kicking off with 10 great […]

10 Epic Europe Itineraries for Every Season & Budget!

10 Epic Europe Itineraries

First up, can I just say how exciting it is that you’re planning a European adventure! At least I hope you’re planning to travel Europe, because otherwise you’ve probably landed on the wrong post! And that’s because this article contains the top 10 Europe itineraries you need to take, alongside the best time and reason […]

13 Best Things to Do in Brno

13 Best Things to Do in Brno, Czechia

If you thought the Czech Republic was just about visiting Prague, then think again! This country is filled with many beautiful cities beyond its famous capital and most of them only receive a fraction of the tourists, making them ideal for absorbing a slice of real Czech culture. The perfect way to explore the country, […]

How to Travel from Prague to Brno

How to Travel from Prague to Brno

If you’re visiting the Czech Republic then it’s likely you’ll be hitting up the country’s mighty capital of Prague – a must-see destination in Europe. Known as the city of a hundred Spires, this UNESCO-listed Medieval gem is worth at least a couple of days of your travel itinerary as you stroll its cobbled streets, […]