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Cologne Cathedral: All You Need to Know About Visiting & Climbing It!

Cologne Cathedral

The place to visit in this German city, the Cologne Cathedral really is the number one attraction you can’t miss if you’re exploring here. UNESCO-listed since 1996 (I’ll go into why a little later on), with a whole heap of accolades to its name (including the world’s tallest twin-sphered church and the largest Gothic Cathedral […]

Cologne Triangle: How to Catch this City’s Best Sunset

Cologne Triangle

If you’re coming to this fab German city, then you really can’t miss visiting the Cologne Triangle. One of the top icons in the city, many tourists miss it out, largely because it lies across the bridge on the otherside of the river from the city’s historic centre. But miss this iconic tower at your […]

How to Travel from Amsterdam to Cologne

How to Travel from Amsterdam to Cologne

  Located under 250km apart, the great news is that it’s really easy to travel from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to Cologne in Germany. A great city pairing if you’re visiting western Europe, these 2 cities offer enough similarities to give you a fantastic flavour of this region, but differ enough that hitting up Amsterdam […]

Top 10 Frankfurt Airbnbs

Top 10 Frankfurt Airbnbs

  A top transport hub both within Germany and further afield, Frankfurt is a great launching point if you want to explore some of the key parts of Western Europe. With western Germany, eastern France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and even Switzerland not far away, Frankfurt is a key access point for many of these […]

How to Travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam

How to Travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam

  Both classic transport hubs and both major European cities, travelling from Frankfurt to Amsterdam is a key route, not only for those transiting in and out of Western Europe, but also for travellers looking to explore 2 of this region’s top cities. So whether it’s by train, bus, car or plane, there’s plenty of […]

Top 11 Things To Do in Frankfurt, Germany

Top 11 Things To Do in Frankfurt, Germany

  A major city in Germany, a transport hub and an industrial and economic powerhouse, there’s no doubt Frankfurt is a prominent German destination. But it’s not always a major tourism destination. In fact, most travellers simply arrive here at the airport or train station (they are 2 of the busiest in the country) and […]

How to Travel from Frankfurt to Heidelberg in Germany

How to Travel from Frankfurt to Heidleberg

  The beautiful city of Heidelberg in southwest Germany is an absolutely classic destination in this part of the world and should not be missed for its famous castle, historic university and beautiful forest location. But how to get there? Well most travellers will likely arrive into the nearest biggest city in Germany – Frankfurt […]

Top 10 Heidelberg Airbnbs

Top 10 Airbnbs in Heidelberg, Germany

  The wonderful historic city of Heidelberg, with its incredible university, is an absolutely wonderful place to explore in Germany. Ideal for a summer weekend break or Christmas market experience, this forest-surrounded and quaint city in the west of the country is an absolute highlight and should not be missed if you are travelling in […]

Ultimate Travel Guide to Heidelberg, Germany

Ultimate Travel Guide to Heidelberg

Summer 2020 was the summer I fell in love with Germany as a travel destination. Yes it’s pretty hard to believe now, but I really had overlooked this massive nation in the heart of Europe (aside from a fun-filled frenzy in Berlin), as a place lacking pzazz! But with Covid keeping us all closer to […]