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Off the Beaten Track in Cyprus : Things to See

Getting Off the Beaten Track in Cyprus - Things to See & Do

  So, if you’re anything like me – a British child of the nineties who grew up on package holidays – then Cyprus will be equated with one thing and one thing only in your mind. And that is beach resorts, half-board packages, towel reservations by the pool and Fanta Orange at dinner… ok well […]

Want To Drive Cyprus? The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need!

Want to Drive Cyprus? Here's My Ultimate Guide

Let me be straight here. I’m an awful driver. Really awful. Or at least I think I’m awful. So maybe the point is rather that I’m not an awful driver, but that I’m a nervous driver. Because quite frankly the thought of driving anywhere, especially in a foreign country, usually makes me feel extremely nervous! […]

Shining Bright with Boutique Beauty: Lyhnos

Shining Bright with Boutique Beauty - Lyhnos, Askas, Cyprus

It means oil-lamp, in case you didn’t know. Lyhnos that is. The name rolls off the tongue softly but brightly – the ‘y’ drawn out, the ‘s’ at the end clipping it to a close with a determined vibrancy. And it burns softly and brightly too this lyhnos. Bright with a beautiful distinction and soft […]