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When is Tulip Season in the Netherlands? + Tips for Visiting

When is Tulip Season in the Netherlands

Heading to see the amazing tulip season in the Netherlands is one of the bucket list greats in this country as far as I’m concerned! Particularly amazing in and around Amsterdam, the rows and rows of coloured blooms that you’ll see here, all in visually striking straight lines, are an incredible horticultural feat. Not to […]

Zaandam Amsterdam: Fab Alternative Spot to the Dutch Capital

Zaandam, Amsterdam Area

Tired of the insane accommodation prices and the hectic crowds in central Amsterdam? Then isn’t it time you stayed somewhere different the next time you visit this city? If the answer is yes and you’re keen to get ahead of the cool curve, then can I recommend the flourishing nearby city of Zaandam! Just 2 […]

Amsterdam Tulip Fields You Don’t Know About!

Amsterdam Tulip Fields You Don't Know About!

When it comes to tulip fields in Amsterdam, everyone knows about Lisse and the Keukenhof… but what about some of the lesser explored Amsterdam tulip spots? Where are they, how do you get there, which farms should you visit and what else can you do around? Guaranteed to get you away from the crowds, I’m […]

Catching the Train from Munich to Amsterdam: All You Need to Know

Catching the Train All You Need to Know

Wanting to get the train from Munich to Amsterdam? Then this post will bring you all you need to know! 2 fantastic European popular cities, there’s no question that if you haven’t visited either Amsterdam in the Netherlands or Munich in Germany before, that you definitely should! The sort of destinations you can return to […]

How to Travel from Amsterdam to Cologne

How to Travel from Amsterdam to Cologne

Located under 250km apart, the great news is that it’s really easy to travel from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to Cologne in Germany. A great city pairing if you’re visiting western Europe, these 2 cities offer enough similarities to give you a fantastic flavour of this region, but differ enough that hitting up Amsterdam and […]

Guide to Amsterdam Noord: The Hipster District You Have to Visit

Guide to Amsterdam Noord

Centrally located, culturally rich and effortlessly trendy, why oh why are we only just hearing about Amsterdam Noord?! Locals have been keeping the best district in the Dutch capital secret for a while, but thankfully for us international travellers, the cat is now out of the bag and I’m here to tell you that this […]

Nearest Beach to Amsterdam: Travel Guide to Zandvoort & Ijmuiden

Nearest Beach to Amsterdam

There’s no question that Amsterdam is one heck of an incredible city and that enjoying the museums, canals and galleries of the Dutch capital is a must for at least 2 days of your itinerary. But what if you’re looking to enjoy a slice of the seaside alongside this great city? Well, the fantastic news […]

Amsterdam to Prague by Train: All You Need to Know

Amsterdam to Prague by Train All You Need to Know

2 of Europe’s most popular cities, there’s no question that if you haven’t visited either Amsterdam or Prague before, then you definitely should! The sort of destinations you return to time and time again – or at least I find myself returning there again and again! – there’s always something new to discover in these […]

How to Travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam

How to Travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam

  Both classic transport hubs and both major European cities, travelling from Frankfurt to Amsterdam is a key route, not only for those transiting in and out of Western Europe, but also for travellers looking to explore 2 of this region’s top cities. So whether it’s by train, bus, car or plane, there’s plenty of […]

Ideal 3 Day Amsterdam Itinerary: 72hrs to See All the Highlight

72hrs in Amsterdam … on a Budget!

As you’ll know if you’ve read my post about the 50 best places to visit in Western Europe, I fell even more in love with the Dutch capital on my 3rd trip there and this Amsterdam itinerary will help you do the same! Visiting with my mum and dad this time (oh how things have […]