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9 Reasons to Travel to Samoa ASAP!

9 Reasons To Get “Travel Samoa” On Your Bucket List ASAP!

I could keep this really simple and short and just say that the number 1 reason you need to get “travel Samoa” on your bucket list asap is because this place truly is paradise. Like seriously, picture postcard, perfect paradise. But that wouldn’t make a very interesting or useful article would it?! So it’s probably […]

21 Epic Things to Do in Samoa

21 Epic Things to Do in Samoa on a Budget

A hidden gem isolated in the remote Pacific, Samoa is a paradise just begging to be discovered. From tropical forests to world-class beaches, rich heritage attractions to unbelievable underwater adventures, there’s so much to do during a trip to this small island nation that my list of things to do there just didn’t seem to […]

How Much Does An Australian Road Trip Really Cost?

How Much Does An Australian Road Trip Cost?

Well, of course, the answer to the question of how much an Australia road trip really costs, is how long is a piece of string?! Because, depending how long you travel for, where you travel to, how far you travel, what style of travel you like and what type of vehicle and set-up up you’ve […]

Noosa National Park: Ultimate Visitor Guide

Australia, Queensland, Noosa National Park

  Having lived and worked in Noosa for over a year, Noosa National Park basically become my second home for over 18 months! Not bad when you consider it’s thought to be one of the most picturesque spots of coastline in the whole of Australia and boasts incredible hiking, perfect ocean swimming and some beauitfully […]

How to Visit Melbourne on Budget

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Melbourne on Budget

Melbourne is a beautiful, diverse city, which is why most people that visit Australia plan on seeing it. Renowned for its great cultural offerings, yummy cafes, breathtaking landscapes, top museums, funky bars and interesting history, this city really is a must! After all, it has been repeatedly voted as the most livable city in the […]

9 Ways to Help You See Sydney on a Budget

9 Ways to Help You See Sydney on a Budget

  Sydney is a dream destination for city people and nature lovers alike. It feels like every day a hip new bar and a different hidden beach are being added to the list of must-sees in this city. However, the seemingly endless list of things to do can be overwhelming for those of us travelling […]

The Ultimate West Coast Australia Road Trip

The ULTIMATE Western Australia Road Trip

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the West Coast of Australia is my FAVOURITE part of the country to road trip and that’s a fact! There’s just something about the grandeur of it all, the vastness, the emptiness, the enormity… and the lack of people that immediately grabbed my heart and wouldn’t […]

Why You Should Visit Mungo National Park, Australia

Why You Should Visit Mungo National Park, Australia

  Around the rural city of Mildura, this is the big one. Actually, forget Mildura, around Australia this is the big one. Nope, scratch that even, around the world this is the big one! A spot of real cultural significance and the birthplace of humanity in Australia no less, it’s hard to believe this place […]