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Is Senegal Worth Visiting? My Travels There as a Solo Female

Is Senegal Worth Visiting?

To be honest, whether Senegal is worth visiting really depends on the sort of trip you are looking for… After all, West Africa is not for the faint-hearted! Despite having visited over 20 countries across the African continent, many of them as a solo female traveller, there’s no question that I found those in West […]

Complete Travel Guide to Saint Louis, Senegal

Complete Travel Guide to Saint Louis,

Located in the very north of Senegal, Saint Louis is a UNESCO-listed city you have to visit during your time in the West African country. The former capital of Senegal, under French colonial rule, this now crumbling city possesses a kind of faded glamour and glory, coupled with an emerging young, vibrant and creative dynamic. […]

Best Time to Visit Morocco for City, Coast & Desert Trips

Best Time to Visit Morocco

It’s quite simple, choosing the best time to visit Morocco is absolutely key in making sure you have a fantastic travel experience there! Located in north Africa, Morocco is a diverse country, and from the mountains in the north and centre, to the beaches of the west and south, and the deserts of the east, […]

11 Top Tips When You Travel Tunisia: Key Things to Know Before You Go!

Tunisia Travel Tips

If you plan to travel Tunisia, then here’s 11 key things you should definitely know before you go! From what to eat and how to find the best accommodation, through to the best way to get around, what to pack and some top tips for solo female travellers, this is my full guide to prepping, […]

Egypt vs Tunisia: Which is Better to Travel?

Egypt vs Tunisia

Both located in North Africa and both big on the historic and cultural attractions, it’s a pretty tough job to crown a travel winner in the Egypt vs Tunisia debate. But as always, I’m not one to shy away from a tough travel challenge and, having spent 2 weeks in both of these countries, I’m […]

Zaghouan, Tunisia: Where Roman Water Temples Meet Andalusian Architecture

Zaghouan, Tunisia

If you’re looking an incredible destination in Tunisia that boasts amazing historical sights, traditional town architecture, delicious authentic food and a good dose of outdoor adventure, then look no further than Zaghouan! One of my favourite spots in Tunisia, I spent 2 nights in this beautiful place, but honestly could have enjoyed it for a […]

Travel Guide to Al Huwariyah: Tunisia’s Outdoor Adventure Capital

Travel Guide to Al Huwariyah, Tunisia

You may not have heard of Al Huwariyah (as I hadn’t until a few months ago either!), but let me tell you, if you plan on travelling to Tunisia, this is a must-visit destination on your list. And this is especially true if you’re into outdoor activities and adventures. Rarely thought of as an active […]