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Zaghouan, Tunisia: Where Roman Water Temples Meet Andalusian Architecture

Zaghouan, Tunisia

If you’re looking an incredible destination in Tunisia that boasts amazing historical sights, traditional town architecture, delicious authentic food and a good dose of outdoor adventure, then look no further than Zaghouan! One of my favourite spots in Tunisia, I spent 2 nights in this beautiful place, but honestly could have enjoyed it for a […]

Travel Guide to Al Huwariyah: Tunisia’s Outdoor Adventure Capital

Travel Guide to Al Huwariyah, Tunisia

You may not have heard of Al Huwariyah (as I hadn’t until a few months ago either!), but let me tell you, if you plan on travelling to Tunisia, this is a must-visit destination on your list. And this is especially true if you’re into outdoor activities and adventures. Rarely thought of as an active […]

Sidi Bou Said: Travel Guide to this Stunning Tunisian Town

Sidi Bou Said - Travel Guide

The beautiful coastal town of Sidi Bou Said is a must visit destination in Tunisia. Famed for its historic streets and gorgeous white and blue buildings, Sidi Bou Said is about as picturesque a spot as they come, with its sea views and bougainvillea-laiden frontages. Filled with cafes, photographic corners and beautiful rooftops, quaint Sidi […]