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Only Packing List for Estonia You Need!

Complete Packing List for Estonia

If you’re heading to the beautiful Baltic country of Estonia, then this is the only packing list you’ll need! No matter whether you’re planning to travel there in summer to enjoy long sightseeing days under the warm sun, or opting for a festive trip full of Christmas markets and steaming saunas, this article has you […]

Perfect Sri Lanka Packing List – What to Wear & Take

Perfect Sri Lanka Packing List

Welcome to the ultimate Sri Lanka packing guide – your complete checklist to everything you need to pack for travels in this amazing country, plus some of your key questions answered about what to wear when you’re there too. With sections about how best to dress as a women, especially given Sri Lanka’s diverse climate, […]

What to Pack for Tenerife? Complete Guide

Tenerife Packing Guide

The beautiful Spanish island of Tenerife is a holiday classic. If you’re heading there soon, here’s exactly what you should pack!   With great weather 12 months of the year, Tenerife is a fabulous place to escape to if you’re seeking a good dose of vitamin D. But the island isn’t all about lying lifelessly […]

What to Pack & Wear for a Sierra Leone Trip

What to Pack & Wear For Sierra Leone

Honestly, before I visited Sierra Leone, I didn’t have a clue what to pack or wear for this country! And that’s given the fact that I’d already travelled extensively through Southern, Eastern and North Africa before. But honestly, what do you wear to one of the least travelled and most economically under developed nations on […]

Complete Romania Packing List

The Ultimate Romania Packing List

It often feels like a forgotten corner of Europe, doesn’t it? But forget about Romania at your peril I say, because this country absolutely deserves a top spot on Europe’s travel map! And to help you plan your time there, I’m bringing you my complete packing list for this country. Kicking off with 10 great […]

Complete Female Packing List for Turkey

Complete Female Packing List for Turkey

Growing ever more popular, Turkey is absolutely one of my favourite countries to visit in the Spring and Autumn months – not least because, situated at the south of the country, it’s heavy on the sun hours and hot on the heat when many other destinations close to home in the UK just aren’t! And […]