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Complete Romania Packing List

The Ultimate Romania Packing List

It often feels like a forgotten corner of Europe, doesn’t it? But forget about Romania at your peril I say, because this country absolutely deserves a top spot on Europe’s travel map! And to help you plan your time there, I’m bringing you my complete packing list for this country. Kicking off with 10 great […]

Hiking in Romania: The 15 Best Spots

Hiking in Romania

  If you enjoy wild paths and untamed landscapes, then Romania is the hiking destination you need to put on your list right now! And there’s no better spot to visit in this country for a good stomp than the Carpathian Mountains. Actually spread over 7 European countries, Romania is home to over half of […]

The 5 Best Bucharest Hostels

The 5 Best Bucharest Hostels

  Perhaps one of the weirdest European capitals, I’ve got to say that despite this (or perhaps because of it!) I was rather drawn to bizarre Bucharest. The biggest city in Romania – a country that sits between Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine and Hungary, but is utterly unlike any of them – it’s perhaps no […]

15 Epic Things to Do in Romania You Can’t Miss

15 Best Things to Do in Romania

Want to visit Romania? Here’s my list of the 15 best things to do in this country. A great starting point if you’re planning to travel here, this guide will bring you all the highlights of Romania you simply can’t miss. With some great cities, stunning mountains and even a protected wetland area, Romania is […]

Top 20 Places To Visit in Romania

20 Best Places To Visit in Romania

Snuggled over in the east of Europe, Romania often feels like the land time forgot in this part of the world. Out of the countries I’ve wandered across in this continent, Romania consistently stood out as a destination belonging, at least in part, to a different age. Even as recent as 2018, it felt hard […]

15 Great Things to Do in Bucharest

15 Best Things To Do in Bucharest, Romania

There’s no denying Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is a strange city! Visiting it as part of my grand eastern European tour, I was accustomed to visiting capital cities with glaring attractions, landmark sites and streets upon streets of action. Getting to Bucharest – a city with no discernible centre, aside from a rather drab […]