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Only Packing List for Namibia You Need!

Only Packing List for Namibia You Need!

Heading to Namibia and wondering what to pack and wear for your trip to this country? Then you’ve come to the right place! No matter whether you’re planning on an epic safari, an adrenaline-filled activity, a photography excursion, a sightseeing adventure, or all of the above, I’ve got you covered with this complete Namibia packing […]

What to Pack & Wear for a Sierra Leone Trip

What to Pack & Wear For Sierra Leone

Honestly, before I visited Sierra Leone, I didn’t have a clue what to pack or wear for this country! And that’s given the fact that I’d already travelled extensively through Southern, Eastern and North Africa before. But honestly, what do you wear to one of the least travelled and most economically under developed nations on […]

Complete Romania Packing List

The Ultimate Romania Packing List

It often feels like a forgotten corner of Europe, doesn’t it? But forget about Romania at your peril I say, because this country absolutely deserves a top spot on Europe’s travel map! And to help you plan your time there, I’m bringing you my complete packing list for this country. Kicking off with 10 great […]

Perfect Spanish Packing List: Tried & Tested!

The Perfect Spanish Packing List Tried & Tested!

It’s always been a winner of a destination and let’s be honest, it’s a winner for a reason! Yes, with plenty of stunning coastline, a pleasant climate, some incredible cities to explore, tons of history, great hiking and let’s not forget, a good dose of juicy jamon (for the meat-eaters among you!) thrown in for […]

What to Pack for a Trip to Botswana

What to Wear in Botswana

From the famous Chobe River National Park with its huge herds of elephants, to the magnificent Okavango Delta – one of the world’s largest inland deltas and a UNESCO-listed treasure, there’s no question Botswana has a number of gems that you should not miss if you visit southern Africa. Often combined with trips to Namibia, […]

Ultimate Packing List for Uganda

Ultimate Uganda Packing List

An often overlooked country in East Africa – in favour of its more famous neighbours Kenya and Tanzania – Uganda nevertheless has a huge amount to offer visitors. I mean for starters, it’s one of the only countries in the world to have families of gorillas living within its borders! And if that wasn’t enough […]

What to Pack for a Finland Winter Trip

What to Pack for a Winter Trip to Finland

There’s no question, Finland can get pretty cold! When I was in Helsinki, I experienced temperatures of minus 19 and in Lapland, it got down to minus 30 degrees! And I’m talking degrees celsius here! .. And it wasn’t even the coldest time of the year! Ok, so I know I’m going on a bit […]

Ultimate Cambodia Packing List: Item by Item!

The Complete Cambodia Travel Packing List

Heading to see the treasure of Angkor Wat, some stunning tropical islands and some beautiful french colonial towns? Then here’s your complete Cambodia packing list! From soaring temples to some of the friendliest people, Cambodia really is a travel treat and one that few people, especially budget travellers, can refuse! Plus, easy border crossings from […]