Level8 Suitcase: Taking a Step Up in the World

Level 8 Suitcase


Since the pandemic hit and my full-time travel life came to an abrupt halt, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve had to put down my trusty backpack and begin to carve a rather more regular life for myself!

Buying a house, living in one place, renting a working space – they are all changes that have happened during the last 2 years and they’ve certainly affected the way I travel…

Now you’re more likely to find me on a month-long excursion in Europe than a 6 month foray in Africa (although please don’t take this to mean I won’t enjoy the latter again, I will!), because paying off a mortgage and starting a new business (it was a case of pivot to survive during the pandemic) means I can’t simply be hopping, skipping and jumping off whenever and wherever I feel for as long as I like anymore.

…so let’s just say having a homebase has both its advantages and disadvantages!

And along with my change in travel style, there’s also been a related and necessary change in my travel gear too.

After all, if you’re not free-wheeling for months on end, hopping on and off buses, diving in and out of hostels and scrabbling your way up mountains and down valleys, then you really start to question if a backpack is still the most appropriate travel bag for you.

When life is more about scooting in and out of European train stations, staying in Airbnbs and day tripping to historic sights, then you really do start to consider whether a wheeled suitcase might actually be the most appropriate luggage choice!

So enter my new Level8 Luminous Trunk Suitcase – the sign that I really am taking a step up in the world!

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My Level8 suitcase was kindly gifted but, as always, all views are my own.

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Flying High!

Luggage, Level 8 Suitcase, Handle

But it’s not just a step I’m taking up in the world with my Level8 suitcase!

No, after testing this luggage piece out on my latest trip to Madeira, there’s no question this suitcase had me flying high too!

Super spacious and slick-looking, this baby wheeled like a charm with its super spinner technology and was easy to lift and manoeuvre thanks to the double fixed handles, plus the smooth pull-up handle too.

Available in 4 sizes – 20, 24, 26 and 28 inches – I actually went for the largest Level8 model because, what I quickly realised on my last 2 trips away, was that the current hold suitcase I have is simply not big enough to deal with bulky items.

And by this I mean items like ski gear and crazy amounts of thermal layers – which was exactly what was required for my 2 latest 2 trips – namely Finland in the depths of winter and a French Alps ski excursion.

Lesson learnt – time to level up and go for the big boy!

And I’m pleased I did because, even though I was only travelling to Madeira for roughly 2 weeks, that hiking gear (especially the boots) really can start to eat into your packing space.

Thankfully the Level8 Luminous Trunk 28” Suitcase dealt with it brilliantly and I had more than enough space for all the gear I needed – plus some!


Level8 Luminous Trunk 28” Design

Luggage, Level 8 Suitcase, Wheels

The slick square look of this suitcase is also pretty satisfying, with its hard-edged corners and discrete branding making it look like a premium luggage piece.

But it’s not just looks, because this suitcase is made from durable German Bayer Makrolon hard-shell material that is scratch-resistant and boasts a 3 layer composite surface.

And to be fair, if you know what that means in real terms, you’re doing better than me!

All I know is that it sounds good, it looks good and it feels good, so I’m sold.

And yes, it didn’t scratch at all on its maiden voyage either – and that’s despite being in a Ryanair hold!

The 360 degree spinner wheels (with anti-shock design!) also make this suitcase a treat to roll along – very handy if it’s full because it will be heavy!  – and these are accompanied by YKK Zippers and a TSA approved combination padlock.

Weighing in at roughly 5kg, this isn’t the lightest large suitcase out there, but if you want quality and protection, you’ve got to make a bit of a compromise somewhere I guess!


On the Inside

Luggage, Level 8 Suitcase, Interior

And that’s because this guy is big!

Fitting around 99litres worth of stuff inside, it’s no surprise this isn’t the lightest case – it’s pretty freaking huge… I’m talking  33cm x 40cm x 70xm.

Inside there’s 2 separate, well-stitched compartments, with zipper dividers, and even a built in strap that you can either use or disregard by tucking away.

Clasps also help keep your stuff in place and there’s none of those huge ridges that eat into packing space as I find with many other hard-shell suitcase products on the market.

Indeed my packing cubes (got to get organised people!) fitted beautifully inside and I was actually amazed how much more gear I could fit into this suitcase compared to my other hold luggage option.

And hopefully I’ll be able to do this for a long time, because with a lifetime guarantee that protects against any functional damage to the shell, wheels, handles or zippers, you can rest assured this product is rigorously quality checked before it reaches you.

Free shopping is on the table too for those that live in the US and once ordered, you should receive your product within 6 business days.

Check out Level8’s website for the latest deals too – they quite often run flash sales for discounts of up to 15% off their products, which are well worth snapping up!

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re in the market for a lovely new piece of travel luggage, like I was, Level8 could be just the answer!

Visit their website to learn more and grab your perfect piece!

Oh and my readers can now get 10% off with the discount code BigWorld10… so what are you waiting for?



Level8 Suitcase: A Review


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