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Complete Female Packing List for Turkey

Complete Female Packing List for Turkey

  Growing ever more popular, Turkey is absolutely one of my favourite countries to visit in the Spring and Autumn months – not least because, situated at the south of the country, it’s heavy on the sun hours and hot on the heat when many other destinations close to home in the UK just aren’t! […]

What to Pack for Portugal: Complete Travel List

What to Pack for Portugal

  Growing ever more popular, Portugal is officially the spot to head in Western Europe now for an amazing holiday in a warm climate that won’t cost you the earth! With stunning coastline, a pleasant Mediterranean climate, some incredible cities to explore, tons of history, great hiking and let’s not forget some delicious port tasting […]

What to Pack for a Trip to Botswana

What to Wear in Botswana

  From the famous Chobe River National Park with its huge herds of elephants, to the magnificent Okavango Delta – one of the world’s largest inland deltas and a UNESCO-listed treasure, there’s no question Botswana has a number of gems that you should not miss if you visit southern Africa. Often combined with trips to […]

Ultimate Packing List for Uganda

Ultimate Uganda Packing List

  An often overlooked country in East Africa – in favour of its more famous neighbours Kenya and Tanzania – Uganda nevertheless has a huge amount to offer visitors. I mean for starters, it’s one of the only countries in the world to have families of gorillas living within its borders! And if that wasn’t […]

What to Wear for Travel in Tanzania: Complete Packing List

Ultimate Tanzania Packing List

  The land of the vast Serengeti, the great Kilimanjaro and the beautiful island of Zanzibar, Tanzania really does seem to have it all! From the continent’s highest mountain to one of its most popular safari destinations and some of Africa’s most beautiful beaches, it’s no surprise more and more of us are travelling to […]

25 Travelling Essentials for Women

25 Travelling Essentials for Women

  Having enjoyed a pretty good slice of the solo female travel experience (let’s just say it’s been a few years!), I think it’s probably fair to conclude I’ve now got my packing down to a fine art! After all, if you’ve got to carry all your own gear (which includes a mini-office set-up) and […]

Only Argentina Packing List You Need!

The Only Packing List for Argentina You'll Ever Need!

  What can I say, Argentina is surely the country with it all! From desert to mountains, vibrant cities to remote outposts, this huge South American nation bottles almost everything that’s best about this continent and rolls it all altogether into one delicious mate-infused fiesta! And if you think this sounds like too much hyperbole, […]