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How to Get Beautiful Framed Photos of your Travels… so you can Keep the Memories Alive at Home!

How to Get Beautiful Framed Photos of your Travels

If you’re looking for a beautifully framed photo that keeps your travel memories alive at home, then look no further! I’ve come across the perfect service that not only delivers stunning photo quality across framed images, mugs, bags, mouse mats and more, but also doesn’t break the bank. I know, amazing right! To be fair, […]

25 Travelling Essentials for Women

25 Travelling Essentials for Women

Having enjoyed a pretty good slice of the solo female travel experience (let’s just say it’s been a few years!), I think it’s probably fair to conclude I’ve now got my packing down to a fine art! After all, if you’ve got to carry all your own gear (which includes a mini-office set-up) and you’re […]

The Best Carry On Suitcase for 2019

The Best Carry On Suitcase for 2019

  It’s a funny old thing when, after you’ve been backpacking for over 15 years, you find yourself looking to purchase a carry on suitcase, instead of a tattered old rucksack, and realise, with an alarming alacrity that you’re suddenly getting older! I guess it happens to the best of us! Because let’s be honest […]

Finally! Great Travel Insurance for Nomads

Travel Insurance for Nomads

  It’s a big problem. And it’s growing. It’s a problem that’s affected me, as well as countless other digital nomads, remote freelancers and long-term travellers I know. And that is the question of insurance. Travel insurance for nomads to be precise. If you’ve ever tried to take out insurance when you’re not in your […]

12 Long Flight Essentials… for those on a budget!

12 Long Flight Essentials ... For Those on a Budget!

  If there’s one thing that living in Australia these last 4 years has taught me, it’s how to deal with long-haul flights. Yep from Perth it’s going to take me a whopping 22 hours to get to Paris when I jet off in a few days … and if I was flying from Sydney, […]

5 Top Tech Travel Tips You’ve Never Thought Of

Croatia, Dubrovnik, Buza Bar

It’s incredible how technology has changed the world. It’s certainly changed how we travel. We can check in online, use our devices as a boarding pass and have almost entirely ditched the tour guide for our friendly iPhones. But we’re also most definitely using tech when travelling to the absolute max. There are dozens of […]