How to Get Beautiful Framed Photos of your Travels… so you can Keep the Memories Alive at Home!

How to Get Beautiful Framed Photos of your Travels

If you’re looking for a beautifully framed photo that keeps your travel memories alive at home, then look no further!

I’ve come across the perfect service that not only delivers stunning photo quality across framed images, mugs, bags, mouse mats and more, but also doesn’t break the bank.

I know, amazing right!

To be fair, I wasn’t always like this.

As a serial nomad before the pandemic, I actually didn’t have a place to call my own and so, travelling the world with only a backpack to my name, meant I simply didn’t have time to collect souvenirs or save travel mementos.

But now, oh boy now that I’m a home-based, community-loving convert, I’ve gone absolutely nuts on the travel mementoes… I think I’m probably making up for lost time!

After all, 10 years of being on the road is a lot of memories to showcase!

So while I still get to travel pretty often (about once a month!), I do spend a lot more time at home than I ever have before and absolutely love filling my new place with fond reminders of all my amazing trips.

If you’re the same, then keep reading to learn about the great new service I’ve discovered that delivers amazing quality travel photo prints without the heavy price tag…

Oh and if you read to the end, you can grab my special discount code that will give you a further 15% off all their top quality print products!

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Top Quality Framed Photos of your Travels

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If you’re anything like me, you might have some reservations about printing out travel pics to display at home.

This is especially true of framed photos, where blown up images really do display the quality of your photo (or lack thereof!) for all to see.

And I’ve got even great reservations about this when I use an online service, because in my mind you can just never be too sure of what you’re getting quality-wise.

Will it be pixelated and grainy when enlarged?

Will it be dull and blurry when printed?

These are risks you never want to take when getting framed photos of your travels.

And is exactly the reason why I wanted to write this review!

Because so impressed have I been with the printing quality of my new framed photos, that I felt like I needed to shout about it from the rooftops and spread the word!

The amazing service that I’ve discovered is

Using state-of-the-art printing technology, that creates pin-sharp resolution, are one of HP’s biggest partners and always use their UV-resistant ink to help their prints shine in brilliant colours.

They also use HP’s special latex, odour-free ink to ensure that your images are completely safe for humans and animals, including children and people with allergies.

Each framed photo they produce comes in an elegant decor frame made from 100% recycled plastic and, so far, they’ve recovered over a million kilos of plastic from the oceans!

And finally, the electricity in their factory comes from renewable energy sources and they participate in reforestation projects by planting over 30,000 trees every year!

You can’t argue with that!

Unsurprisingly, photo printing experts regularly give the seal of approval too, putting them in first place for price and service.

Offering customers complete buyer protection, have achieved “Excellent” ratings across many independent review sites… and I have to say my review has been added to this!


Framed Photo Selection

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So now that we know the quality and eco-credentials are fantastic, what about the range of framed photo products offers?

Well, their state-of-the-art direct print creates a premium, detailed photo which is then displayed in an elegant, slimline frame – surrounded by a pure-white, museum-grade, bevel-cut mount and held safely behind hand-polished acrylic glass.

There’s 5 choice of frame designs, including classic black, pure white, warming walnut flair, stylish vintage silver or a muted oak vintage flair.

Frames are made from high-quality recycled plastic and are both resilient and light, perfectly for putting on the wall or standing on a side-table.

If you do want to hang your frame, then allows you to order a simple and inexpensive wall hanger set along with your order to make it straight-forward.

Honestly, is there anything these guys haven’t thought of?!


Ordering Process

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But wait, I know what you’re thinking, how do I long does it take to go through this process and isn’t it all bit complicated?

With such a premium print product you’d think so!

However I was absolutely delighted to find that ordering my framed photos and other items from only took a matter of minutes.

Their website is super easy to use!

Simply select your product type from the top menu – ‘framed photo’ is under the ‘Wall Decoration’ tab FYI – and then click the ‘upload your photo’ button.

At this point, I recommend creating a folder on your desktop with the photos you want to print, so that you can quickly find and select them.

Once you’ve selected your photos, you just need to wait a few seconds and you’ll see your images appear in the frame on screen.

The next step is to choose your frame size – I went for one 20x20cm frame and one 30x20cm frame, because these suited the size of my photos.

Don’t forget vertical images will work better in rectangular, rather than square, frames!

Once you’ve selected your size, you can then drag your image around in the frame to help find the position you want.

I found this especially helpful in choosing the frame size, because you can really play around with all the alignment options until you get the right one.

You can also zoom in using the slider below the frame if you like, and then add any text overlay too if you want.

Next choose your frame colour – I went with white because it matches most of the other framed pics I have – and then select the hanger set or not, depending whether you want to mount your framed photo on the wall.

Finally select the quantity of the product you want and add it to your cart.

Remember, you can go back at any stage to change any of the elements you’ve chosen and, once in the shopping basket area, you can then choose to upload the same image to other products too such as bags, mouse mats, cushions, mugs, calendars and more!


Perfect Gift & Home Options Too!

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Because yes, it’s not just framed photos offers, they also allow you to emblazon those top-quality printed photos onto a whole range of items.

Outside of the excellent framed photos and canvas prints they offer, you can have your beautiful, bright and brilliant photos printed onto bed linen, blankets and towels; bags, cushions and doormats, even magnets, mugs and puzzles!

And who could forget my favourite, the mouse mat!

This has totally transformed my boring desk space and now I feel reminded of my adventures every time I sit down to write an article or edit a photo!

And finally, also offer photo calendars, cards and books which make for ideal gifts for grandparents, aunties, uncles and more!

Oh and while we’re talking about gifts, I couldn’t help treating myself to a map framed photo of my new home area, which offers too.

Well sometimes you’ve got to balance the travel mementoes with the ones from home right?



15% Discount

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If you’re interested in grabbing a framed map of your favourite city, or a beautiful canvas print of one your amazing travel images, not to mention photo calendars, puzzles or mugs – ideal for those upcoming festive presents, then look no further than!

And my exclusive discount code BIGWORLD15 you can receive a 15% discount on all products until 31.12.2023.

Happy printing!


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